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Hi, I’m NeLi Martin, a Psychologist in private practice. I work Online and in Noosa, Qld, Australia, using Mindfulness and Evidence Based Interventions. I also teach Yoga / Dance and Meditation, integrating body and mind science.

Medicare rebates are available with referrals from GPs. Depending on your cover, Private Health Funds may also offer rebates for Psychological services.

Call me for bookings and enquiries on 0420 221 461.

Am I right for you? If you are anxious, depressed or stressed by performance pressure in work or relationships; or you simply want to find direction and purpose in your life, you could benefit from Psychology sessions with me. I’m available Online or in person at Noosa.

Everything I offer is in the service of you becoming who you want to be. I’m interested in you reaching your potential; being in touch with your own vital energy. Many people now realise that our Psychological Health is intimately linked to our Physical Health. The mind is embodied. Awareness, courage and love are the pathways to healing. You can expect me to be focussed on your potential and your well being in a compassionate, caring and professional manner.

Noosa Psychology

GPs and Psychiatrists
Referrals may be faxed to 07 5345 5206

If you have any queries about making referrals, or would like to meet with me in person to discuss how I can help your patients, please contact me.

0420 221 461

Health & Mental Health Professionals Seeking Training / Supervision



Take care of your mind

NeLi Martin is a registered Psychologist & practices at Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.

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Take care of your body

NeLi Martin leads yoga sessions and retreats in SE Qld.

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Take time to stop

“When you realise there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you”
Lao Tzu

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Jon Kabat-Zinn

Paying attention on purpose, non-judgmentally to the unfolding of experience moment to moment.

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