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Seeds of Joy, Paths to Freedom Retreat
8 -10 December


Beautiful, picturesque and peaceful

Bellbunya Eco Retreat and Sustainability Community
114 Browns Road
Belli Park
Queensland 4562


Friday evening 8th December to Sunday afternoon 10th December 2017


Zoe and NeLi connected over a mutual love and deep practice of both Buddhist Insight Meditation and Yoga. In the spirit of Generosity, they will combine these teachings and practices, both ancient and modern.


NeLi and Zoe will offer the retreat teachings for dana; generosity*. Costs for food and accommodation are $350

(Dana; Generosity. In the Buddha’s tradition, teachings were always offered freely. For more about Dana see

For More info:

Zoe  – 0497 073 835

NeLi – 0420 221 461


About the retreat

The theme for this this retreat is Prerequisites for Love – The Path of Mindfulness and Loving Kindness

I used to last just three days with my mum before we’d argue. And then there’s the dread Christmas. More time with the family. The expectation that we will be festive during this season. It’s not that I don’t love them. They are good people. But they have seen me at my worst. And I’ve grown in different ways to them. How is it that we reserve our worst behaviour for those we are and have been closest to?

Amidst all this pressure leading up to Christmas, we can find ourselves fractured in our own beings and less than ideal in our relationships. Instead of a time of joy, Christmas can become a nightmare!

My paths to evolving my own heart and transforming my relationships has been meditation and yoga. Especially concentrated during a period of retreat, they offer direct pathways to discover inner peace and cultivate a boundless heart.

This retreat will include the profound and transformative practices of loving kindness (metta) and mindfulness / insight (vipassana). Silence will support deep rest and self-nurturing.

With Yoga, we combine breath, movement, posture and attention to create powerful changes in the body and mind. (We will include a Yoga Dance session.)

Dharma talks and meditation instructions will give you the opportunity to learn, explore and deepen practices in all forms; sitting, standing, moving and lying down.

All activities will be scheduled for support and are optional to allow for individual needs. The retreat is suitable for those new to yoga and meditation practice and those with experience.

About the organisers

Zoe Courtney Zohs

Zoe is a Yoga Alliance certified ERYT-500 with 10 years teaching and mentoring experience, with 15 years of practice and study, bringing a grounded understanding of integrating practice into every aspect of our lives. She teaches Hatha Vinyasa style of asana, incorporating bandha, pranayama and meditation. She has a strong emphasis of utilising the breath to stimulate the prana vayus, ensuring everyone is practicing safely within the realm of their own body type and being able to reach the full function of each posture. Zoe’s personal practice is meditation and she spends quite some time, daily in formal sitting practice, as well as attending several vipassana retreats each year, which unveils many insights in the process towards liberation and the revealing of our understanding of self. Her practice is influenced by the Theravada and Insight traditions from the teachings of the Buddha. She weaves this insight into yoga asana to increase mindfulness not just on the physical levels, but mental and emotional reactions that are provoked during asana. Her aim is to help you increase your awareness, to see through your limiting beliefs, and to recognise our natural compassion and understanding for the benefit of all beings.

NeLi Martin

Neli MartinNeLi is a Psychologist, Yoga and Meditation Teacher. She first registered as a psychologist in Qld in 1991 and is currently in private practice in Brisbane and Noosa. Her psychology work and personal salvation has been enhanced by Yoga practice (since 1992) and teaching (since 1998) and Buddhist Dharma mindfulness study and practice (since 2000) and teaching (since 2005). She was mentored in the early period by Catherine McGee and draws on the secular Buddhist perspective developed by Stephen and Martine Batchelor. She is a member of the Insight Teachers Circle of Australia and a Level 3 Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia. She has been influenced by many yoga styles and approaches over 25 years and is very interested in how the science of mindfulness can be applied in the Western world and continues to look for ways to integrate it into her life. She is also delighted to invite others into this dance of awareness. She has been a 5 rhythms dance practitioner since 2000; exploring embodied freedom through movement. NeLi also leads walking retreats (Yatras) and has recently started teaching Yoga Trance Dance. For more see


december 8 (Friday) - 10 (Sunday)


Bellbunya Eco Retreat and Sustainability Community

114 Browns Road


NeLi Martin /


  1. Lesley 17 October, 2017 at 5:40 pm - Reply

    Hi neli
    Is a single room available please?

  2. Sam Owens 31 October, 2017 at 9:28 pm - Reply

    Hi NeLi and Zoe,
    I would like to join you on the upcoming retreat if there is a place available.
    This is my first retreat and feel it would be a great starting point for me.
    Many Thanks
    Sam Owens

  3. Louise 23 November, 2017 at 9:35 am - Reply

    Hi guys
    I’d love to come along to the retreat.
    It all sounds wonderful.
    I just have to organise things first with an extra dog at home it could be difficult . But will get back to u ASAP.
    Need to run it past my partner in crime!

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