Getting a quick ACT overview

To help understand how ACT works, in 2012, I developed this short 3 minute animation. ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) is not a model of pathology, suggesting there is something fundamentally wrong with us, but understands that our human suffering stems from the way we use normal human processes like thinking and language. Mindi shows us how we can change the way we relate to our internal private events like thoughts and feelings, memories and sensations. Watch the Mindi Video

Feature length animation from Pixar using the same concepts as Mindi’s animation

ACT in a nutshell by Dr Russ Harris

Rob Archer, UK Psychologist, made this short 3 ½ minute animation to explain experiential avoidance as well as towards and away moves… It’s jolly good!

Using the matrix for plotting towards and away moves. Developed by Dr Kevin Polk

Mindfulness Skills

Getting into mindfulness practice. Andy from the UK will step you through developing or committing to a practice.

Julian Goldie’s article on The Art of Mindfulness is great 🙂

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Develop Defusion Skills

Think Mindfully – Have a look at all pages and practice the leaves on a stream exercise (about p 6)

Other images to help get defusion

Joe Ciarrochi’s visual metaphors

Rumi poem “The Guest House”

Working With Anxiety & Fear

Kelly McGonigal How to Make stress you friend – Useful look at our conceptual reaction to automatic physical responses (15 minute TED)

Mr Ramesh (2.44 minutes of fun about being with fear)

also my friend Rachel Collis on Learning to Touch Fear (article to read)

Alexi Murdoch It’s Only Fear (song)

Developing Values Meaning Purpose – Finding Inspiration In The Midst Of Depression

“Purpose is an anchor we throw out into the future” – significance and purpose = meaning. And meaning is a matter of life and death. Michael Steger

Rachel Collis

Tim Minchin talks to graduates at UWA – Inspire your life in 11 minutes

Develop Self Compassion and Lovingkindness

Kristin Neff 

Guided Practice 

Sharon Salzberg 

Guided practice 

Tara Brach

Guided Practice 

Barbara Fredrickson Love 2.0

Guided Practice 

Other ACT Practitioners

Led by Dr Rob Purssey, The Brisbane ACT Centre is Queensland’s centre of excellence in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Centrally based in Milton, they are a partnership of Brisbane psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists working to help their clients achieve their goals through ACT. Their team has deep and broad experience treating anxiety, depression, perinatal, adolescence, psychosis, indeed all psychological issues using an effective, solidly evidence based approach.

Sydney ACT Centre 

Adelaide ACT centre

Melbourne ACT Centre

Other ACT practitioners Australia