yoga for anxiety and depression

Awareness is cultivated in body, mind and heart by the connecting thread of the breath.

Yoga for anxiety and depression

For more about the style of yoga I teach, see my blog post on being inspired by Scaravelli.

Many people now realise our mental and emotional health is linked to our physical health. Yoga calms the nervous system and re-balances the hormones via the endocrine system, leaving us feeling simultaneously at ease and energised. With Yoga, we combine breath, movement, posture and attention to create powerful changes in the body and mind. With Mindfulness Meditation we develop calm and insight leading to a meaningful and purposeful life. Join me in this exploration.

I also teach yoga workshops for anxiety and depression, see EVENTS for details.

I also lead Dharma Dance; a wonderful integration of meditation, yoga and dance; my three loves.

Dharma Dance that has no structured steps or choreography. It is a practice using music and movement to find our essence as expressed through the body. If we tune in to how our body wants to move; in harmony with the dance, we encounter connection and meaning; love in all its guises. This is possible when we show up, let go, move and breathe; when we embrace the moment we are in without agenda or judgement. Music and guidance will carry us through this journey. Dancing consciously gives us the opportunity to feel what is going on right now in our body and to express what is. Gabrielle Roth, founder of the Conscious Dance practice, 5 Rhythms, said, “the quickest was to still the mind is to move the body.”

This Dharma Dance practice leads us into meditative awareness, planting seeds of intention, exploring breath, structured and fluid movements of Yoga Asana that journey beneath the surface of the mind. This is more about how it viscerally feels, less about the form of postures. Music helps us transition into free movement, moving from the inside out, expressing our essential selves. A shared journey into rhythmically induced meditation. This liberates our creative life force and cultivates embodied freedom. see EVENTS

I also incorporate yoga and mindful movement into individual sessions, meditation retreats and yatras and psychology workshops.

About Psychosomatic Therapy And Yoga Interventions

Yoga and Psychosomatics both understand the body and mind are an integrated process. Psychosomatic Therapy starts as an analysis tool; reading the state of the body to understand how the ego has formed, identified and expressed itself in the world. With this, there is a recognition and acknowledgement that is disarming, though sometimes confronting. However, when we realise, in the context of non-judgmental understanding, kindness and compassion, that who we are, and how we have dealt with what we have experienced, is showing to the world, there is no need to defend or hide a position; no need to be anything or anybody other than who we are. It leads to the same stance of acceptance as in ACT.

In this safe container, we can release tension and holding patterns of body and mind that are no longer serving our situation. With mindfulness; awareness, courage and love, we no longer defend or identify or maintain what does not serve us. Our essence can naturally and easily express itself, allowing the body and mind to come into universal alignment and flow, releasing our natural vitality. Health is restored through natural rebalancing processes that are constantly operating in the entire universe. We are free to be and evolve.

As well as talking and verbal invitations, I use breath and body based techniques with evidence as relaxation strategies. Some of these are movement based and some are “hands on” techniques. I will always ask your consent before touching you and ensure you understand the intention and purpose of that touch.

yoga for anxiety and depression

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